becky morlok speaking engagements

A popular keynote speaker at retreats, conferences, workshops and banquets, C3′s President Becky Morlok has been involved in speaking engagements for colleges and universities, Christian organizations, businesses, and civic organizations and philanthropies. Subject matter varies and is always tailored towards each client’s specific orientation. Content typically focuses on human resource challenges and solutions, optimization of ones personal potential and human capital, discernment of direction and purpose in one’s occupation, or achievement of a life of purpose and empowerment through faith-based solutions. Becky’s recent workshops have included A Life of Purpose: Seizing Opportunity from Fear and Uncertainty: Chosen and Empowered: Discerning God’s Plan for You;  Networking: The New Adult Board Game; and Connecting to Success. Please contact Becky Morlok for booking or more information on our speaking engagements.

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