What does resetting your life mean?

All life transitions require us to sit back, evaluate and restructure our life a bit. First you need to ask yourself, “What is my greatest passion, and how can I get paid to do it?” Based on that, you can then begin to evaluate your skills and education.

Maybe you already have the skills you need or maybe you need to further your education. Some companies offer internships or mentoring to help you get your foot in the door.

Networking is also very important. Who do you know? More importantly, who knows you? Sometimes knowing the right people can be very beneficial.


Why do I need to reset my life?

Resetting your life can give your life a sense of purpose.  Discover your passion, and let that be what drives you.  Setting goals for yourself will help you improve yourself and reach your full potential. Work with a career coach to find answers to discern a career path to success.

Who needs to reset their life?

  • Recent or soon-to-be college graduates entering the workforce
  • Mothers returning to the workforce after raising children
  • Current employees seeking new opportunities
  • Individuals in transition from one career to another
  • Retirees re-entering the workforce
  • Individuals seeking second careers
  • Individuals with new callings
  • Students discerning career paths
  • Individuals new to the community and are ready to work
  • Outplaced employees upgrading their resumes and job skills
  • Anyone seeking to be significant by extending their talents, time, and resources to others