I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but I do reflect upon the lessons of the previous year. If you do this enough you will see your life through wider, clearer lenses. You will also see if you are making progress. Were the lessons learned or do they need to be repeated? Here is a bit of what I gleaned from 2018.

*It’s sobering to begin a new year with the loss of your family’s patriarch, three weeks before his 94th birthday. Live your life so fully and completely that the lives you leave behind are exorbitantly richer. THAT is legacy.

*Sometimes what you really don’t want to do is the very thing that must be done at a critical moment in time. Once that opportunity has passed, if you seized it with grace, you will look back with relief and see a ripple of blessings. JUST DO IT!

*No matter how challenging, no matter how many pieces need to move to put the puzzle together, take time away with your closest friends. ALWAYS. We’re not getting younger.

*It can be painful to watch those you love go through learning curves and growing pains. It’s their journey to walk. Don’t stunt their growth by trying to fix things. This is especially true for your children. It’s how snowflakes are made. Besides, you have your own growth to focus upon.

*Betrayal is extraordinarily painful, especially from those closest to you. It is also a huge irritant when it comes from someone who professes to be such a balm and minister to others. Take a deep breath. Don’t put people on pedestals. No mortal deserves to be there anyway.

*Despite your faith persuasion, “Fairy Godparents” are wonderful people to have in your life. I certainly could have used some. They are so impactful in the development of a child. I’m thankful my grandgirls are so blessed.

*Your body reflects directly back to you what you have internalized, consciously or not. It knows all too well what is going on in your head. You cannot fool the body or the brain.  Left unaddressed, the results are ugly and painful.  This lesson made my 2016 list. More work to do.

*The world cannot give to those with tightly closed fists. Let go and release your control of everything and everyone. You’ll be amazed at what comes into open hands and willing hearts. Everyone deserves freedom from everyone else’s expectations. God’s plans are always better than yours.

*Lesson from 2014 and 2016 bears repeating: We are not meant to be comfortable on this Earth. Comfort stunts growth, compassion and needed action. God is more interested in our character. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Life with God is a Wild Goose Chase, (Mark Batterson).  This is HARD. I hate this lesson. I continue to be retested on it but I’m making great progress! 

*The experience of an Escape Room will teach you a lot about yourself and others.  Challenges are so much easier when embraced by a group instead of alone. It also helps to have CPA’s with you. This is also true in life.

*As good or as bad as things are, ALWAYS TAKE YOUR VACATION.  You will not have lost valuable time with family and friends. The vacation will be what everyone remembers at the end of your life, not that week of work – unless you’re not there.

*Widen your arms to embrace something that challenges every facet of your being. There is a great big world out there and a lot of life to live. Push your boundaries – hard!

*This lesson appears annually, learned long ago. It’s in every fiber of my being: CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!  Life demands constant transition and growth. Yes, you can celebrate divorce, the loss of a job, or being told “NO!” These are mere doors closing to allow you to walk toward something much better, new and exciting. BELIEVE ME!

*Greatest lesson of 2018?

Hands down: SCHEDULE JOY!  Everything else lands on your calendar. Why not JOY?

Happy New Year!

~From the desk of Becky Morlok~


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