For more than 20 years, I have celebrated Dog Days in writing. It must be a ritual by now as it seems I’ve ‘barked’ up every post fathomable. As a true Southern Belle, there are only so many ways to gracefully embrace heat and humidity.

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After all these years, it’s only fair to view life from the canine point of view.

A few years back, Emily Wang at provided a wonderful post for dog owners.  The photos below are mine. Wang also has some cute dog pics so feel free to click the title for her complete post.

17 Rules Dogs Have For You Humans

You know that your dog basically owns you, right?

Rule #1 

Wake up in an orderly fashion every day to fill my empty bowl. I will serve as your alarm clock and reminder if you fail to do so.

Rule #2

Bathroom time is together time. 

Rule #3

You must give me a nibble of every piece of food you eat…unless it’s a vegetable. You can keep those.

Rule #4

Don’t come home smelling of other dogs. I will be checking your collar for slobber stains.

Rule #5

Let me inside or outside at my request, no matter how many times I’ve asked already. I would do the same for you if I had opposable thumbs and you didn’t, okay?

Rule #6

I can sleep anywhere I please, whether it be my bed, your bed, or in your clean basket of laundry.

Rule #7

Please appreciate when I alert you of noises I hear outside. I’ve saved your life hundreds of times already.

Rule #8

If it lands on the floor, it’s mine. No five-second rule. And to be honest, the five-second rule is kind of gross, don’t you think?

Rule #9

Take me on one visit per day to see the magical creature called Squirrel and his buddy, Raccoon.

Rule #10

Cuddle with me at least four times a day. While doing it you must tell me how cute and soft I am.

Rule #11

I get shotgun every time, regardless of whether I remember to call it or not.

Rule #12

Leave one pair of stinky shoes out per day for me to chew on. Stinky socks and underwear will do, too.

Rule #13

Do not dress me as you please. I prefer to be naked. Unlike you humans, I’m actually proud of my body.

Rule #14

Banish the ridiculous plastic headpiece that you sometimes make me wear.

Rule #15

And water torture is ILLEGAL. Is this not America??

Rule #16

I may use whatever furniture I please, even if you’re already sitting on it.

Rule #17

We shall never be apart, and I will always be by your side.


From the photos above, we must be doing something right at our house. Miss Scarlett reigns as Queen!  It’s Dog Days!  Ya’ll stay cool, okay?

~From the desk of Becky Morlok~

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