The world is filled with gifted, talented, dedicated people. God will send them to you when you need them if you will watch and wait. Allow them to ‘do their thing’ with their skills and expertise. You will be amazed by the results.

You should not tell an artist how to paint, a stylist how to cut hair, or a physician how to diagnose. Give up your need to control the outcome. There’s always a better idea and a better way. You’ll be liberated and amazed.

Some tasks in life are extremely difficult to face. As Glennon Doyle Melton says, “Just do the next right thing one thing at a time: That’ll take you all the way home.”

If you can’t think, can’t remember, cannot answer or act, wait a bit. Don’t beat yourself up. The answer will come when it’s time.

Trauma greatly impacts one’s mental faculties in the name of survival. It’s a proven fact. The impact seems endless. Be kind and patient to yourself and to others in the same dilemma.

There is no gift more special than that given from another’s hands and heart.

Regardless of what is going on in your life, KEEP MAKING MEMORIES.


The sudden death of a friend in his/her prime of life is a wake-up call. Be sure you answer the call and follow instructions.

Nothing compares to fellowship around a dinner table – anyone’s dinner table.

Only that which you have given away can be returned, whether tangible or intangible.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. You should not invest more in the person who needs help than the person in need does. We can pray, sharpen tools, provide a map, but ultimately, they choose to take the journey….or not.

Invest in yourself. You are worth it. The more you invest, the greater the growth and reward. If you think you’re not worth it, your value isn’t likely to increase.

Seek and ye shall find but be careful what you look for. You will surely find it. Make sure it was worthy of your time to begin with.

Regardless of age, the loss of a parent re-routes a big path on your journey. You view life from a different perspective and understand the importance of MAKING MEMORIES.

Cherish each moment, each hour in each day,
The enemy, Time, just keeps slipping away.
Life passes so swiftly and waits for no man,
So cherish each second while you still can.

One moment of anger is one moment lost,
You can never regain it, but that is the cost
Of moments we squander on hatred and fear.
Too late we discover the cost was too dear.

Cherish your loved ones before it’s too late,
In case life without them is part of your fate,
Tell them you love them while they are still here,
So they’ll know their existence is what you hold dear.

Don’t waste time reflecting on trivial matters
Don’t worry and fret while watching dreams shatter,
Grab hold of those moments and turn life around,
Just cherish those moments while they still abound.

We cannot step backward to relive one hour.
Recapturing time is not in our power,
And as we grow older, time goes by much faster,
So cherish each moment, they’re gifts from the Master.

By Shirley Love


In loving memory of Mike, June Bug, and Pop 


~From the desk of Becky Morlok~

Copyright © 2018~ The C3 Connection. All rights reserved.


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