Panting Like a Dog

I’ve returned to Career Chit-Chat after a nice pause to experience and celebrate huge family milestones. If given the chance, I’d live the past 4 months over again in a heartbeat. Births, graduations, moves, life transitions, renovations with the panting_dog

sheetrock dust still flying, here I land panting – just in time for my annual DOG DAYS epistle!

Let’s keep this short and sweet, shall we? As my 2 1/2-year old granddaughter, Iris says, “I’m soaking hot!” (Clearly she has heard her FATHER say “smoking hot” but let’s not go there. It’s too hot!)

Quick review. When Are Dog Days?Dog days, which are particularly well known in the calendar of southern states, are supposed to last from thirty to fifty-four days, “Captain A. S. Hickey said. “They are the period of intensest heat, during which dogs are said to be most apt to go mad and the dew is rumored to contain poison.”

Dog Day Reminders

Some days you need your own space.

Water sports are the best!





Hang your head out the window when you need to.

Mountain top air is always the sweetest.


Puppies are more attractive than people in swimwear.


Consider all your options.

IMG_0805There’s something special about freshly cut grass.

Afternoon Capers 024If you plan to get into trouble, a partner in crime is helpful.


Dog Daze Hydrate and look cool.

Hospice Retreat 2014-14

Never let ‘um see you sweat.


Be ready for the next adventure.


Be thankful and enjoy every sunset.

Photos: Legendary Morlok Springer Spaniels: Miles, Miss Scarlett and Capers!

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