less-is-more-1024x514This is the way I roll: if one tablespoon of chili powder is good in a recipe, two or more would be even better. Doesn’t matter what spice or ingredient, food, paint color, book, song, restaurant: if it’s good, even more will be better! I strive to increase ‘GOOD’. I want to share it. I want everyone else to think it’s all that and then some and to share it with their friends until the WHOLE WORLD enjoys more ‘GOOD’! To be fair, I did stop at TWO children. Honestly, I had nothing left for a third one. Spread the JOY, spread the GOOD, or get out of the way! You get the picture.

I’m told the word for this is passion. Again, it’s how I roll. A business partner once complained that I get excited just collecting the US Mail every day. Yes, there is income among the invoices! Another colleague referred to me as being opinionated, while another says I ‘live large.’ All true. I put most everything I’ve got into most everything I do….until, there’s no more….

I continue to hear that LESS is MORE. As I grow older, I’m trying to embrace this and do my best to put it at least partially into play. I need to get out of my own way sometimes. Back off and back up. Easier said than done. Less_is_More73jDetail

Life gives you the appropriate signs. Like a recent Christmas. Close to five decades of ornaments begged to be left in their boxes while more special ones pled for prominence. The Christmas tree we had cut in the mountains and hauled home was the same height, yet considerably less bushy than previous trees. This meant less lights, less ornaments and, ahem, less time and trouble. When, instead of traditionally cooking everyone’s favorite dish for Christmas dinner, I was reminded of my mother-in-law’s delicious yet simple meals. Her table, her décor, her dress, her gifts were basic, no frills and yet the epitome of simple elegance. I have kept many of her handwritten notes: short, yet poignant.

passionAnd then a client came in for a resume review. She was qualified and accomplished beyond measure. There were so many words and descriptions on her resume, no one could ever know (or want to read) all those details she labored for days to write. For every job she had held, she wrote a description of every task she did. I advised, “I know what a teacher does. I know what a social worker does. What did YOU do in that position that made you special? I want to know WHO you are not WHAT you did.” LESS words. MORE substance.

More words, more food, more space, more work, more chili powder. ENOUGH! Yes, we have ENOUGH!

Cherish each moment, each hour in each day. The enemy, Time, just keeps slipping away. Life passes so swiftly and waits for no man, So cherish each second while you still can.

One moment of anger is one moment lost. You can never regain it, but that is the cost Of moments we squander on hatred and fear. Too late we discover the cost was too dear.

Cherish your loved ones before it’s too late, In case life without them is part of your fate. Tell them you love them while they are still here, So they’ll know their existence is what you hold dear.Photo Jan 27, 1 51 04 PM

Don’t waste time reflecting on trivial matters. Don’t worry and fret while watching dreams shatter. Grab hold of those moments and turn life around. Just cherish those moments while they still abound.

We cannot step backward to relive one hour. Recapturing time is not in our power. And as we grow older, time goes by much faster. So cherish each moment, they’re gifts from the Master.

By Shirley Love

DOG DAYS are upon us. It’s vacation season. The Summer heat commands less exertion, more rest. Less food, more fluids. More daylight, less rush. CHILL OUT!

right_LessonsLess CAN be more. MORE than ENOUGH!

~ From the desk of Becky Morlok ~

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