Celebrating Milestones

100You have just opened Career Chit-Chat’s 100th post! We’ve come a long way since May, 2010. To mark the milestone, here are highlights and answers to frequently asked questions.

What is the purpose of Career Chit-Chat?

Everyone born has a purpose and a path, but not everyone knows what those are. Similarly, not everyone is tangibly paid for their work. It’s great to be a full time volunteer or stay-at-home Mom. Those paths are no different from career paths. The purpose of this blog is to bring more focus and CARE to CAREers and life paths. I attempt to keep the posts relevant to every walk and stage of life.

The first post remains one of my favorites, Seek to Improve Yourself. It recalls an episode of TV Land’s Leave it to Beaver.

Who receives Career Chit-Chat?

In addition to subscribers through WordPress.com, I have a list of friends, family and colleagues who receive emails with new posts. If you are interested, please subscribe or let me know you wish to be added to the recipient list. Thank you!

Where do you get your ideas for posts?

Blog posts often reflect a situation I have experienced personally or in my profession as a human resources consultant and career coach. I’m often divinely led or inspired. I also receive requests for posts on certain topics The Package, What You Leave Behind, and Like Family. I am so grateful for readers, feedback and comments. A DATE to be GRATEFUL.blogger

What has been your most popular post?

Five years later, my 7th post, What’s Happened to Newspapers? remains the most read and shared. It is also perhaps the one closest to the heart and soul of my business: the fall and eventual demise of a once viable business. The world is rapidly changing. Companies and employees, EVERYONE must stay up to date, trained and ready with proactive strategic plans. The Need to Change, The Crack Cocaine of Validation, The Cure for Fear.

Two other posts maintain a lot of traction: Never Give Up! (thank you, Coach Jim Valvano), and Admit You’re Happy!, a post about the Secret Society of Happy People and its annual Admit You’re Happy Day (August 8). Who knew?

Because of their titles, Hot and Bothered? and Behind Closed Doors get a lot of attention. I mean every word!

What else do you write about?

I traditionally write a Dog Days – WHEW! column in the heat of the Summer. Always dogdaysseeking the teachable moment in any situation, a few years ago I began recording my annual lessons, Life Lessons from 2014. Lessons Learned from Farm Town was fun.

I also write about celebrities, including the embarrassing time I met Jeff Gordon, Southern Belle Meets Jeff Gordon. I’ve written about the Queen of England, Royally Resourceful, Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan, Jackie Kennedy, the Secret Service and You!, and Elvis Presley and Robin Williams, The Worst Thing in Life.

One of my favorite topics to speak or write about is Calling vs. Career and the gifts each of us is given to use to accomplish our purpose on Earth. mike2The most personally felt example was Married to Amazement about the incredible life (and tragic death) of college friend and teammate Mike deGruy. You may recognize him from Shark Week.

I write a lot about job searches and interviews: The Question, Interview Secrets, HR Secrets, and Brutal Business. It’s a tough world out there. In Over Your Head? Job Loss – My Advice. Feeling Vulnerable? Suffering Loss?

What is your most favorite post?

My favorite posts are the ones that I most need to read and remember. I seek to live life as a graceful dance with constant change and transition. That can be difficult. The In-Between That Kills is a personal favorite. Others: Glorious Burdens, Wait!, Where Your Treasure Is, and Routine Ding-a-Ling.

Is there something you want to write about but have not?

4 29 2011 B Show - The Last Ever Harpo Hook-Up'sYes! I would love to write about attending Oprah’s Last-Ever Harpo Hookups show, (April 29, 2011), the same day as her live taping of Prince William and Kate’s royal wedding. It was an incredible experience, but I was required to sign a release never to blog about it. Someone else did: Harpo Hookup! Ask me about the great giveaways, watching Lady Gaga perform atop a giant high heel shoe, or my trip to the movies with Johnny Depp!

Thanks for reading!

~ From the desk of Becky Morlok ~


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